Patrons will be ranked by default. Non patrons are starting with Rank 0 and no privileges. If you have questions, please contact us in our Telegram.

Every Patron will have a special attribute with their avatar in the game: “Founder”. All the founders will have special visual and capabilities. For example, they will have the possibility to move from one server to another without the admin approval.

You can send crypto (USDT, TRX, FRANC, ETH, BTC, etc… all crypto are supported).

For crypto, please contact me in PV at Discord or Telegram

Patron Level 1 (Rank 1) : $10/month

Patron Level 2 (Rank 3) : $20/month

Patron Level 3 (Rank 5) : $30/month

Patron Level 4 (Rank 8) : $40/month

Patron Level 5 (Rank 10) : $50/month