Media Gallery September 2021

August and September have seen a lot of new things added to WOK, some not really visible but here are a short list so that you can quickly figure out the progress:

  • Rendering improvement: I have tuned the lighting so that it looks better and more bright on mobile devices. Color adjustment and more tweaking are giving a much better quality.
  • has been created with the connection from the terminals in game, and the authentication. Wok Os will provide access to the user profile and crypto from any devices, from inside the game but also from any browser.
  • Rest API, the authentication is working, that mean that I can login into Wok Os and get a session, then read and write to the Wok-Os. This will allow the participation of millions of users, independly from the network limitation of the real time players.
  • The crypto mining visual and logic is working, I only need to program the inventory so that crypto can be pick up and sold.
  • Some plaza and restaurants have been added so that it will be easy to buy food before going to fight in the wild zone!
  • Creation of the Wild Zone entrance. This path is where the players can go visit the island, live the adventure and fight the mutans located behind the city protection
  • First interactions with robots.
  • First animals
  • Upgrade to Unreal 4.27, with new Menus bsaed on Blueprints no more on Plugin.

These are only the main important things, many other details have been improved.

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