How does it works?

In this article, I will explain the business model of Metaisland.

First, the player needs to create an account at

This website handles our profile, backend, money, and player management. Metaisland is a very powerful product, more complex than most games, so we also have a powerful backend.

In the backend, a lot of things can be achieved. For instance, Admins and Island owners can create and manage their islands from there. We will go into details about how to customize your island later, but for now, we will only show the list of created islands.

Islands can be free to play or require a subscription.

The player, once having an account, has to browse the different islands and choose one he likes, either a standard one that we have created or one from our franchisee, the Wolves.

He first has to apply for citizenship. Once he is accepted, he can enter and play on the island. It is advised to start with one of the standard free islands that we have created, so that you do not have to wait for citizenship approval.

Once in the game, you first need to log in with the credentials you created before, then select an island that has accepted your citizenship.

If you do not pay a subscription, you will be limited to the Mannequin character, and the features will be restricted. For example, you will not be able to play to earn or use NFTs.

In your WOK-OS backend you can manage your subscriptions. All subscriptions are paid in WOK currency, so in order to make a recurring payment, you need to send some tokens to your account and fund it. You can send our $ISL currency of course or any of the supported tokens.

Internally you can then convert these to WOK and use WOK within the game, for example to pay your subscription.

You can also earn WOK by playing the game, receiving tips, stacking for example.

Once subscribed to an island, you can use all the features of Metaisland in this specific island. You can cancel your subscription and subscribe to another island anytime.

50% of your subscription goes directly to the island owner’s account.

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