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Metaisland is an ambitious project aiming to create a disruptive metaverse supported by a real crypto economy, offering a unique social system and entertainment experience. The vision is to surpass traditional media like Television and the Internet. The primary goal is to address the issue of cryptocurrency’s dependency on the real economy and create a stable coin that remains unaffected by macroeconomic factors. The virtual world of Metaisland is divided into islands and driven by two tokens: ISL (value/governance) and WOK (stable coin). It focuses on gamification, offering a diverse range of activities and interactions.

The metaverse is designed to run on TVs, video screens, and PCs/consoles to ensure broader accessibility. Metaisland also prioritizes scalability through a franchising system, enabling widespread adoption and profit opportunities for franchise owners. The ultimate vision is to replace the USD as a global currency, providing financial stability and independence in a virtual nation backed by real people and a thriving crypto economy.

The gamification is a a top notch AAA sandbox with an unique gameplay. It is taking place in a tropical island reminiscent of the series LOST, where the gameplay is similar to Uncharted with an engaging storyline, and using the blockchain technology at its core. Meta Island creates a virtual economy where the player can own, rent, tip others, and spend crypto in the game. It is possible to collect crypto, mine it, get rewarded, stack it and finally to swap the benefit of playing to an exchange to convert it to fiat. Some players may generate a passive income by playing. Meta Island will use NFT to provide unique abilities, items, and skins to the player through its online and in game marketplaces.

#gamefi #crypto #metaverse#NFT 🔗 Follow for updates from the island of WOK: https://linktr.ee/metaisland_gg

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