Our 3 months plan

October 2023:
1- have all the weapons and all the monsters working at perfection. I will do videos about them.
2- have all the weapons, achievements, enemies and characters connected with our backend so that their RPG characteristics can be modified remotely without doing a game build. We have 35+ weapons, + 20 monsters, and 150 characters.
3- add all the RPG calculation (like in Baldur’s Gate, but real time) : each bullet damage or arrow being calculated based on rank+force+energy+shield. add critical damages and miss.
4- Change the character selection and fix it, use the 3D NFT
5- Finalize the NFT shop and reset it to be ready for main-net
6- Finalize the web2 backend and add all the food/weapons/characters/rentals/achievement.
November 2023:
1- Add the 2D NFT features and selection functional.
2- incorporate all the music in different zone, music is done, only waiting to be used.
3- add the caves and more villages in the wild zone, populate them with monsters.
4- add the dialog system, make some Metahumans to dialog with. Write some basic dialogs.
5- Add the destination achievements.
6- Add the refilling stations for health/mana and respawn points
7- Add the football and volleyball minigames.
8- add the recording studio in Tech City
December 2023:
1- debugs and fix
2- optimization.
3- marketing, posts on Steam and Unreal Store, prepare the store.
4- Testers and feedback.
5- get the alpha ready.

3 months dev strategy
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