Historical and deprecated

There was a time when I worked hard to try to get this project done with the Unity 3D engine. But I failed, mostly because Unity decided to release a new version of their engine that was most mostly incompatible with what was done before, trashing in the process my 8 months of work.

Then I worked in the crypto world for 3 years, donc one ERC20 contract on the Ethereum blockchain, and next Kryptofranc which was a true blockchain, and now FRANC which is a token on the Tron(TRX) blockchain.

I also learned Unreal and decided that WOK will be made with the “unreal” 3d engine. January 2021, I rebooted this project.

*** these video are old and deprecated, new video will be posted when the project move forward ***

Stage 1: The Environment

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General Research and Development.

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