Weapons: the Blaster Gun

Remember the blaster battles in Star Wars? The weapon that never hit its target? We’ve recreated it on Meta Island, guaranteeing epic Star Wars-style battles! Whether you’re in the wild zone fighting tribes or in the Cyber City, choose from three blaster types: green, yellow, and purple.

Grab a green blaster, ammunition, and teleport to the Cyber City protected by the Blaster’s Guards. Winning may not happen on the first try, but keep trying until you emerge victorious. At Meta Island, we’re committed to providing the best gameplay. In the Cyber City, guards are equipped and won’t hesitate to shoot and eliminate you. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

👉 https://youtu.be/t_butwfSFrk?si=fj1sIM5mSueBI2XN

The video start to compare with the blasters from Star Wars
Then it goes at showing some fights in Cyber City
It shows how to grab a green blaster and ammo
And fight some guards at the second floor at Cyber City
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