Media Gallery August 2023

Long delay between updates, as expected. I am working on the functionalities and they are not always great to see, code can be beautiful for programmers but not really for others. Check the roadmap to get a better idea of what we are doing or follow our Twitter or Discord of course.
We have a real time channel on Discord that shows some internal conversations, it might be interesting to read.

First, let’s start about WOK-OS our backend. It is very sophisticated and handle DEFI, NFT, CRYPO bridges and also the players attributes, score etc… It also enable to create many islands, with their subscriptions and their own attributes. WOK-OS is used by the Metaverse though an API and the important informations are loaded and saved from the game. The Metaverse is in constant communication with WOK-OS, so that the player do not lose his progress, but also to avoid fraud and hacks.

We have created several demo (in private) and most of the Metaverse features are working, like all the weapons, monsters etc… but of course at this stage of the development, the gameplay itself still needs to be created.

We have totally upgraded our UI with a better one. This affects all the options but also the main gaming interface as well.

We have added interiors to most of the buildings. It is an ongoing task…

We have added NPC crowd that are pseudo randomized and have their own life. We have also added bots that are simulating multiplayer (the ones with a widget over their head). Note that you can stay anonymous by checking an option in the settings and your widget will not show to others.

The environment has been improved both its rendering but also the clouds with really menacing puffy clouds preceding the thunderstorms. We have also added birds (crows, pigeons, parrots and seagulls) who are flying, walking and perching randomly and make noise!

We have added fishes in the water and corals. They are procedurally generated and are millions (but no worry they are not slow, because they only show around the player! It is possible to shoot at the fish, not a realistic way, but it is really fun. Fishes are following you, biting you and even jump out of the water!