Media Gallery January 2022

The Island

Electric Factory

In the game, the whole electric system is fully simulated. Cables are deserving all the areas and there are even some solar panels. The Tesla Coils are sending the energy to the Electric factory where it is then managed, stored and delivered to the rest of the Island. There are also ways to turn on and off the electricity in this area.

Mining and Airdrop area

Every 2 hours, an alarm sounds, and an airdrop is launched. All the crypto not cached by players after 4 minutes is automatically destroyed.

Cyber area

The Cyber area is one of the biggest building of the Island. About 500 people can find a room there. It is a wild place with alcohol, drugs and prostitutes.

Tech Ville

Tech Ville is the administrative area. Featuring meeting rooms and the teleporter station. Also there are knowledgeable people in the area, where to get information about the Island. The area feature a museum, some houses, the teleporter station, some restaurants, a food plaza and a supermarket.

Slum Ville

This is the cheapest place to get a room when you are starting the game. It is far from the mining/airdrop area, but has a cool vibe. Good for starting the game.

Leaw Beach

Leaw Beach is the first beach to visit. We will update the game to have many more. It is the place to relax, and enjoy a nightclub or a bar.