User Interface Upgrade

We have upgraded our game user interface, to make it less intrusive but yet useful.

  • At the top left you have your main information, you life in red, your mana in blue, your nickname, your rank and your score. There is also your avatar picture that you can update at our backend website wok OS dot com,
  • At the top center, you have the island life. You need to participate to maintain it alive, otherwise, the island reboots and all the players have to start over.
  • At the right, you have more information; your hunger, your thirst, your faction NFT and of course your money which name is wok!
  • At the bottom left, you have what you are currently holding, from grenade to flashlights or weapons. I hope that you enjoyed this video, see you soon for more about meta island.

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Author TheWolf
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