Tools and Asset

I will post here the tools I am using to make this game. There is no doubt in my mind that without the Asset Store and the work of these Authors, this project would never been possible.

So here are the Tool of Trade, the essential assets that are used to make this game.

World Creator: this is the back bone of the environment. The environment is a real actor of the game. I use it to spawn particles, sounds and musics.

Tropical Forest Pack: this pack is used for at least 50% of the trees in the game. It costs only $15 and is filled with unique trees. The problem is that they are all meshes, no Speed Tree shaders. But they are around 3000 poly which is better than the 10,000 Speedtree average for desktop trees. This pack also features some of the best grass I have found in the asset store.

Speed Trees: these are industry standard and are quite slow. They can bloat your scene if you are not careful. However the wind animation is second to none and some of the trees are really epic (not all the ones, the Kapok for example is really ugly).

UV-Free Triplanar Shaders: these are the base from where I modified them to fit my goal. At first I made a triplanar from scratch and then I found these shaders that were better designed, so I thrown mine to the trash, and just modified these ones. Very cheap, and maintained for years, kudo to the author for not letting down his customers. These saved me lot of time.