Roadmap update and delays

I have updated the roadmap here:

I got some delay for the following reasons.

  • I had to upgrade my computer. It was in full lockdown in Thailand so everything had to be made from the Internet. I received the new CPU and Video card, but the CPU was not compatible with my motherboard BIOS, so I had to order another motherboard, then Windows would not load because of the change of hardware. So I decided to upgrade my C drive and re-install windows. This whole process took more than one week.
  • I made some serious evaluation of UE5 to know if I will make the game with this new version when it will be out… It asked me to remove the plugins I was relying on, since they were not compatible. This took me several days. The answer is yes, I will use UE5, but not right now.
  • I have upgraded to 4.27, and some plugins were working differently. The main issue was the Menu system that was converted from plugin to 100% blueprint by the author, but asked me to re-write everything done with the menus.
  • Doing the website is more complicated than I though, so it will ask me about 1 month to get something working.
  • Working on the inventory is really complex and time consuming. The inventory is one of the most complex aspect of the game, as it has to connect to WOK-Ok through the web to refresh the objects.

So as a conclusion, some bumps on the road, and some delays are forcing me to change the date of when the crypto will be fully usable from inside the appliation.

Here are some pictures to illustrate this article.

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