Stage 1 Completed

Here we are, the Milestone 1 is released. I am so excited to move to the next stage which will feature the NPC characters, dialog system, the weapon system and the main buildings.

What is included in this demo? You get 1 terrain ( the game features 17) with a lake and some basic power buildings and antenna but is mainly: the jungle!

The environment is a very important part of the game. You can change the time with a slider in the options and check the day/night, and fly around. If you see a warning sign that means that you are at the bounds of the terrain and needs to go somewhere else. Everything you have seen in pictures so far is included apart from the beaches, which are located on the border of the island. There are basic credits that you can quit by clicking with the mouse.

Will this terrain be included in the game: yes! This is the terrain number 4. It is located south west inside the Island.

Warning: the demo send statistics every 2 min to our server, so do not panic if it tries to access to the internet. The demo has included a benchmark system that will save the average speed, and your basic settings (CPU, GPU, Ram, quality level). Nothing personal is saved, nothing is encrypted, so you can check with Fiddler that it is only technical info.

Now where is the demo? I have removed it because it dates from 2018 and some dumbass are thinking that it is the latest one!!! Please check the dates!

Note: you can move using the AWDS keys like in most FPS (English keyboards)… and use Shift to accelerate.

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  • Tim
    January 25, 2018 at 10:49 am
    Hi cool game idea, sorry you ran into so many problems with Unity. Your terrain looks nice, can you tell me what kind of framerate you got while in VR? Thanks, Tim

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