3 Beaches out of the 20+

WOK will have many beaches… not really places for stay, because it is not safe when it is raining, so there will not be house to rent there, but beautiful and also interesting to discover, each will have some NPC or some secret to find.

It took me about 2 hours to do these 4 beaches, thanks to the procedural help, so that I do not have to handle the nature side.

I had to find a triplanar top down shader so that the big rocks have green on the top and rock on the side. I used UV-Free Triplanar shaders  which does the task beautifully and quick. The rocks are from Rock & Boulders 3 but the shaders built in had to be replaced with the UV-free ones to get a ‘tropical’ look. I have set Playway to receive shadows, and that is awesome. The only problem is that there is no foam… Playway 2.0 apparently will handle that, if not, I will copy/paste the code from the Water4 from Unity that uses the camera depth texture to calculate the foam density.

WOK will have more than 20 beaches! Each different.

I made some tests to see how the place is looking at different time of the day. You can see here, the morning, the afternoon, the night. I have a bug with the trees that are having white reflections that are not natural. Also I need to turn off the smoke and the fog otherwise, it looks ugly.

Here is another location on the same beach so that we can see the moon and the atmospheric scattering from the moon, then the morning, and the afternoon.


Here is another beach located about 500 meters away, this one has some mangrove trees.

And finally the 3rd beach on this terrain.

And here is the video

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