The Avatar NFT series Military

We are starting to generate our Military series.

Avatar generation is very complex. In the name all the different features as numbers so that we do not have any duplicates.

Here is how our avatars will look like and how they will work.

The avatar is working together with the 3d character of your choice. It is a booster to its capabilities.

For instance, the Aquaman series will give you the ability to stay under water without going back to the surface to breathe.

Players will be able to have many avatars and switch them depending on their need. For instance if they want to get to something very deep in the water, they will need to select an Aquaman avatar.

The Military series is our first, and has 4 sub categories; the helmet, the scarf, the headband, and the beret.

There is a number at the top right, it is what we are calling the “Power” or POW.

Depending on which feature (earing, equipment, background, tattoos etc…) the POW is calculated. The higher the best, but also the higher the more expensive.

Rarity is maximum, because each is unique visually. But some have the same POW. The max POW is 80 the lowest 5. The rarity will be set by the random generator. In random generation theory the probabilities are parabolic, that means that low POW and very high POW will be the rarest.

The market will then decide what is rare or not based on the price vs utility.

The POW is a multiplicator of the feature. For instance, if you have an Aquaman avatar set, and you can normally swim underwater without breathing for 30 seconds, then the POW of the Aquaman avatar will multiplicate 30 seconds by the POW. So a POW Aquaman avatar of 25 will give you 25*30 additional time which is 12.5 minutes. That’s enough to explore the underwater. A POW of 50 though will give you 25 minutes, and so on…

We plan to generate 10 series, of 1000 avatars, all unique, with Military, Aquaman, Tribes, ghosts, steampunk, androids, mutants and more… you are guaranteed to have a large diversity to create your avatar portfolio.

The buyer of the NFT will receive 2 version with HD quality. One with the POW number printed and one version with no text.

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