Update March 2021

Welcome to this 2nd update.

I have decided to use Advanced Locomotion System, a free asset since Epic has hired the developer. This is an amazing asset, and it convinced me to change the point and click system that I was thinking when writing the white paper to a more addictive third person locomotion system.

Finally I have finished the island landscape. After testing having two maps stitched together, I ended up keeping only one. It is running faster, takes less to download and finally is large enough for the +1000 players I think. I still can change my mind in the future.

I have added the weather system and the day and night cycle that are coming from Ultra Dynamic Sky, the latest version handling the weather perfectly. I had to adapt some materials to get the rain effects and the puddles on the terrain.

This asset alone is handling the day/night and the weather: well done Mr Everett Gunther!


Download the demo here: https://blog.metaisland.gg/downloads/WOK-03-2021-Win64.zip

Screenshots from inside the Museum.

Museum assets are made by Group5Museum.

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