Metaisland move to UE5

That is not an easy task. Since my first tests 10 months ago with the beta, a lot of things have changed in EU5 and here is the result of my first tests.!

It Sucks!

There are some major regressions that needs to be fixed. The situation is that a lot of essential things are not working at the moment:

  • The water is broken, it is just a flat black material
  • A lot of LOD trees are broken, they are flashing and some LOD are black too.
  • There are errors with the Skydome
  • The characters had to be removed in order to load the project, they are simply crashing UE5 at loading time.

Why moving to UE5 now?

The more we wait, the more it will be painful, so better doing it now, rather than having to deal with more pain in the future.

UE5 is offering a lot of new possibilities which will make Metaisland even more incredible.

  • Nanite will allow us to have that many trees and buildings, but keep a good framerate.
  • World partition is amazing and will allow us to continue to have all the metaverse in the same map, without loading, which enhance the gameplay by always being in the action.
  • Lumen will add a better lighting with the equivalent to RTX Global Illumination at low cost and faster.
  • Better animations and retargeting system
  • Incredible sound fx onboard.

We do not want to miss all of these features. So I am working restlessly to fix all these problems and I will post soon the result! Stay tuned.

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