What is Web3 (without bs)?

I have posted about Web3 in my Linked in here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/nicolaschoukroun_metaisland-gaming-ai-activity-7022780462448205824-PQ2K

I see so many inaccurate Web3 posts that I have to clarify in a simple way.

What Web3 is:
– tokenization of the web, blockchain integration to the web, decentralization of the internet storage and execution.

What Web3 is not:
– AI, VR, a religion, a solution to all the problems.
So Web 3 is like torrents or Tor network in a nutshell, it is decentralized finance (Defi), decentralized gaming (Gamefi) etc… however a lot of things are not possible to do in Web 3

Because Web3 is decentralized.
– Web3 cannot be updated once published.
– Web3 cannot be deleted once published.
– Web3 do not have ownership or copyrights.

So if you can delete your files from a Web3 storage that means that there is a centralization and it is not Web3
The main problem with Web3 is that mostly the only ones who can be really interested in exploiting it are all the criminals.

Web3 is good at
– publishing child porn without being able to be traced back to your computer.
– selling illegal stuff without traceability
– publishing information without revealing your identity.
– cleaning money, or obfuscate the origin or the funds.

So what is in practice Web3 in today’s world.
– javascript (nextjs and others) websites that are executing on client side without an API to connect to a centralized Web2 server (pretty rare).
– an announcement made by Gavin Wood, creator of Solidity in ETH and Polkadot done 5 years ago. Since the website of the Web3 foundation never been updated and no web3 application has been published… draw your own conclusions.
That’s it.

Blockchain and web3 and 2 different things, blockchain tech is not related to the internet.

The best example of decentralization today and we could call them early Web3 applications are the Tor network (darkweb) and the torrents technology.

All the rest that is published everywhere are people selling their books, preachers who are clueless and are selling something: the same people who are selling quantum physics with their videos, tutorials etc…

If one day, Web3 becomes a reality, the first to use it will be the child abusers, uploading their illegal and nasty pictures. No traceability, no central control! The authorities will close it, make it illegal and the whole population will raise against it.

Pray that this will continue to be just a dream.

On the positive side, people are waking up to the damages of hyper centralization like of instance all the big social networks. Without being totally centralized, creating fragmented social networks like #metaisland can be a solution. People do not need to share a space with millions of people, a few thousands are enough. 


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