Playable demo November 2021

As every two month I publish a playable demo, here is the November 2021 edition. You can find it here, or in the download section of the website.

This month is focusing on the main character. I have added a lot of basic actions, like guns, rifles, climb to anything, and basic enemies logic. I have also many different characters to choose from.

In that demo you can switch from first person shooter to third person shooter with C

You need to double click to use weapons, it is not yet very enjoyable to play, but I will improve that for sure.

Climbing is awesome, There are a lot of climb space on the small island in front of Leaw beach, take the Teleporter to get there and be careful of the zombies prototypes in red, they are trying and then can kill you.

To climb, jump at the top to reach it, just space bar is enough. Shift key helps to jump from hock spots to another. Falling from high is killing you.

I still only support English keyboards, I will fix that later on.

Author TheWolf
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