The Tropic Demo Making off

After having chosen World Creator, I have collected all the tropical Assets I could find and started working on a simple Tropical demo. It took me about 1:30 hour to get to this result. Of course it is just a starting, but the main assets are here.

  • uSky for the clouds, the sun shafts, the atmospheric scattering.
  • The water is temporary AQUA since I will change that later, I need to have underwater and waves which AQUA lacks of.
  • I still use my own triplanar shader for now. I will give a shot to MegaSplat later. I tested the first version, and the triplanar mode was broken.
  • I use Simple Lut, a small little Gem, free asset to get the color grading. This is also temporary.
  • For the trees, of course some Speedtrees, modified with the editor to get something looking more ‘personal’ and an asset named Tropical Forest Pack that has some awesome unique trees, like Cupuacu, Kapok, Papaya and Jatoba trees.

Here is the video.

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