We are rebooting!

This is crazy times!

I started this project 4 years ago with Unity, and stopped it when Unity broke the compatibility for their new rendering system.
I worked in the crypto currency field, making some smart contract with Ethereum and then finally creating Kryptofranc with Jean Martial Lefranc in 2019. It is our own block chain based on Bitcoin of course, but which has its own unique characteristics.
Now is the time were things are getting real.

I have secured the financing of W.O.K and I will be working full time, 24h/day 7 days a week to create this amazing unique idea.
The project will be powered by our crypto currencies, Kryptofranc (KYF) that will be the equivalent of Gold in the game and FRANC that will be the everyday currency system.

It is not a typical game, but it is more a virtual world, where everything is easy and fun. But because it is powered by cryptocurrencies, there is a real economy where people can sell, buy and exchange back into real world money.
This a game but also and mostly a next-gen social networking platform. It is also an attempt at redefining our society though a number of rules that great economist have suggested but that our real societies are reluctant to experiment.

Our real world is a failed one. Both economy and socially are totally shred away by this pandemic and it seems that there will not be an end before many years. You cannot escape the reality, but you can enjoy in W.O.K.
Making friends, talking, fighting, living is easy in W.O.K and it is gorgeous.

Some people will go sit and relax, some will try to become rich, everyone can relate to the world of W.O.K. I will make it easy to use, play with one hand with your phone if you want, just as Facebook. Escape from this failed world and fly in W.O.K, without the hassle to travel, without the mosquitoes.

So we are rebooting this project, using Unreal 4 and amazing technologies like Meta Humans, Megascan, Speed Trees and more…

Expect the unexpected!

Here are some screenshot of the world building and the tests I am making. It is all very early but, a lot of things will come every months. Subscribe to our newsletter or to our social networks to receive a notification when we update things!

This is a vue from the center of the island at noon.

Days and night cycle is already working.

From one of the beach, no trees yet.

The global shape of the island. It will support up to 10,000 players… or more.

One of the beach, work in progress.

One of the beach work in progress.

Testing some characters female.

Testing some characters, males

Testing some robots.

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