Elite buildings

Lot of things have been improved. I use a new terrain shader based on texture arrays, which allow me to have 16 textures at the speed of the normal Unity terrain, and water puddles easy to sync with rain for example. I also start working on the Buildings. Most of the buildings in the video are for the Elite members (the ones who are paying) another video will feature the normal buildings which are very different! Enjoy the video and sorry if it is not perfectly smooth, it do it real time and in editor.

Check the attention to details in this pic. The cables are moving with the wind.

This is an Elite Shop, expensive, but that can make some good daily money. In the game you can rent shops to get money as a business. In front of the shops have interactive screens where you can read the options, select and pay. Later on, you have put your menu, a video, a web page, or an image.

These are the police pods, they have a camera included so that the moderators can check what is happening. In case, they can obliterate or freeze someone, and a lightning will go out from it.

This is the energy refueling machine. Just walk inside and you are full.

This is the base Elite pod for rent

And the video to see this running inside the game.


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