Gameplay Video: About the Island’s life, how to avoid her dying.

This is a small video showing in accelerated what is happening when the Island is dying when people are not participating enough. In that case the island is rebooting and you have to restart from scratch. You are not losing your #NFT so it is not that bad. However if you had some #crypto or your favorite #game free assets, like we*apons then they are gone and you have to re-equip yourself. Take care of the #metaisland by #participating, shooting fireworks, fighting #monsters!

This is the Metaisland gauge.

Here are different stages before dying.

First the Island is green and it is fine.
Then the island is not feeling good, it is either under attack by mutants or people are not doing anything to entertain her.
Finally, the MetaIsland is dead and needs to be rebooted, all the multiplayer is affected. The Island performance are down and will probably be ranked lower in the island lists.
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