Music Theme : classic dark

I have worked one night to record this Theme, but I was building it in my brain for at least 3 months. I found the main melody a while ago and it was sticking in my brain. I just needed a night to record it.

I use Cubase (the version 5.1.1, because my Dongle stopped working and I have no choice than using a pirated version, even if I purchased it!), thanks Steinberg! I am on PC.

The main source of sounds is Metropolis ARK 1, a sound effect library that is really good for making dramatic and epic music.

The game is fun, but there is also a story, and along the path of finding what happened to the world, there will be some really dramatic situations where this kind of music will be helpful.

Of course it is still in beta, and will be until the end of the game. It is a list of bit of sounds that can be stitched together in any ways to construct epic or dramatic music illustration. More will be developed as needed, but the base is here.

Enjoy this tune! (of course it is better with headphones).


Author Wolf Wolf
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