Metaisland Mini: what is this?

Update: check the video at the end of this page.

How do we work as a team? Every one who is working with the W.O.K Corp team (name of the maker of Metaisland) is in a different country, with a different internet speed and a different time. In order to work together, we are using “Monday” for bug tracking, GIT for repository and Metaisland Mini to implement the new features.

I am actually the only one to have the full Metaisland and to be able to do a build, packaging and merging the features of Mini. It is not because I am secretive but it has to be with the size of the project.

Once a feature is tested and working, then my task is to copy it to the main Metaisland big project, test it and make it work. It can take sometime, because a lot of things are different between the 2 versions.

The current size of Metaisland on the disk is around 1TB, and of course a lot is not used, but Metaisland Mini is less than 100GB which makes it more usable to develop new features.

Here you can see the differences between Metaisland Real and Mini.

So the mini version is our sandbox, as developers that is easier for maintaining, testing Metaisland.

I will post a video about it in this article very soon, so keep yourself informed by following our socials.

Update: what is Metaisland Mini, the video:

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