The Environment is upgraded to UE5!

When I first loaded Metaisland in Unreal 5, here is what I got. The Skybox system had lost its parameter and all the lightning was reset!

After a couple of days of work, I got this result instead.

All the environment is now working with Unreal Engine 5.

But this had learn some lessons:

  • Nanite is not liking foliage and we in general cannot use Nanite in Metaisland. This technology is amazing for specific use (big high poly rocks). If you see the demo from Unreal, you can see caves and deserts. So for us, it is useless, Nanite does not supports transparency or double sided assets for instance.
  • Lumen is eating a lot of GPU memory for a little enhancement. Basically when I enable Lumen, I need 2 GB more to run anything.
  • Lumen and Nanite are using DirectX 12 only at the moment. Which game or console is using DirectX 12 at the moment? None. That’s another reason to not use these technologies. We want that everyone can use Metaisland, even with low settings if they have an old video card. Nanite and Lumen are not for us.

Apart from that UE5 has a better retargeting process and Eloy our technical animator is having a blast using it!

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