Update: beaches are finished

The work about the beaches is almost finished. There are many of them and I will add teleporters in order to reach them without walking for hours into the jungle.

The water is not definitive, it actually lacks of underwater; so there is only the surface.

To get this aspect I have used the Island preset of Magic Map Material, with many palm trees from another asset, Low Poly Rainforest pack. These trees are low poly but have a great look and moving with the wind.

The Island is huge! you can walk for days and get lost. So I will have to determine places that will be available for exploring from the Teleport Center. Once the game will be launched and place will start to be crowded, I will add more beaches, empty and ready to be explored.
Each beach will come with bungalows for rent, and also some bars and people, girls and music.

There will be ways to meet people, entertain yourself, listen your favorite music from streaming youtube videos, and such activities. Drinking and dancing, relaxing. Like in a real Koh Samui, Phuket or Koh Chang.

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