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Welcome to this blog where i will post my long journey into making a video game. You may think, “this guy is doing his first video game, nah! Another dreamer!”

In reality, this will not be my first, but I haven’t made a video game for +20 years, and so it is something I have thought and prepared for a long time.

I had a carrier in the video game industry  in the 80/90’s where I published several small games for Atari/Amiga and various 8 bits and 16 bits consoles. I have also published a game 100% written in assembly language, it was fun, specially the 4 track player that was playing digital samples.

I got my time of glory, got cover of PC Gamer US/UK and tralala many newspapers in the world, even some TV Interviews… Then I decided to learn the Web.

I worked alone and did a website about Emulators, that I sold after several years of good advertising income, and a huge number of unique viewers (+30k per day).

Then I decided to learn digital processing (you know the VST/Audio Unit stuff). I did many of them and worked with some great companies in the USA and Germany.

All this time I continued to play with Blitz Basic, C4, Leadwerk, and many other engines that were not able to be multi-platforms.

And Unity came. I knew it will be great even when it was on Mac and it was a no go for me because I hate developing on MAC. Unity 2.5 on PC was the revolution. I knew at this time that I will do a video game again.

But I hadn’t finished learning the Internet, I worked my ass off with PHP/Mysql until I master it.

One thing that would be determinant for me doing a game is being totally independent and free. That’s something that really turned me off doing games with any Gaming companies even if I had all doors open. You have to deal with the marketing, the sales, the short delays and in the end, you always have to compromise and the result is a pale image of what you really wanted. When the sales are not doing great, you are the one who did everything wrong, even if you had not enough money, not enough support and basically all the money made by your game was used to pay the expensive lifestyle of your boss, who never play games, and all the crap needed to run a company, the evangelists that only talk, the marketing guys who know nothing about games, the buildings, the ping pong tables, the castle and so on.

You make nothing in your pocket and everything is spent so run the big machine.

This year something happened. My 2 bosses simultaneously ran out of money because of the ‘bad economy’. I though, “should I look for new people to work with on websites, or should I jump into this game now that I finally have everything, learn everything I need and have the total independence that I want”?

I decided that it was the perfect timing to jump from the plane without any parachute, this will be my journey, I am going to make this game until I hit the ground.

But I will finance it alone – that mean eating pasta and rice for the next year or 2. I feel ashamed to tell how much I make every month, because people would not believe me. It is very low.

Anyway, freedom has no price. I will do this game without any pressure, without any compromise.

If you want to follow this journey, feel free to subscribe to Facebook or Twitter. If you want to see the beginning of a new world, from the first trees, to a new world with people, monsters and a virtual life in an amazing environment, something unique of its kind, then … follow me, it will be fun.

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