Update February 2021: first look

Update February 2021.

I am re-starting this project on Unreal 3d Engine by EPIC. I am so much satisfied by what I get from this engine so far! It seems that everything you throw at it doesn’t matter, it stay quick and smooth all the time. It is like playing with magic, compared with other technologies I have used before.

This month I have mainly evaluated assets and selected the ones that will be used to do the foundations of the application.

As I have already said, many assets will come from the marketplace, thanks to the incredible talent and diversity of the authors who are selling there.

One of the most challenging aspect is to choose the right assets, without being able to really test them. You have to rely on the videos and the comments of the users to figure out if it will work for you or not. It is like shooting blind 50 eur every purchase in average.

I have purchased for example EXLAND. While it is an excellent asset, it came just before I found the excellent Magic Map Material & Maker  or M4 which fits much better what I am looking for. Waste of money just for testing something. Again Exland is an excellent asset, but I decided to use M4 and so it will stay in my library doing nothing. It is a sort of business model for the rich. I cannot imagine some Thailand programmer buying stuff the price of half his salary just to realize that it does not work as expected in the context of his project.

About the good news, I give you some pictures of some of the assets that I will use in the game. Excellent Robots, and Rebels characters. I think that I have seen these Rebels in the Unity marketplace too, it is good to see that some Unity’s publishers are adapting their stuff to Unreal.

These pictures are showing some research about the best Day/Night cycle solution. You can see M4 terrain at work with its default grass shader that is really fast.

These Robots and characters will all have their usability into the project.


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